Image The top 10 destinations for taking pictures

The top 10 destinations for taking pictures

The top 10 destinations for taking pictures

We are now all amateur photographers armed with our smartphones or a digital cameras. The race for the most beautiful photo that is at stake during our travels! For lovers of beautiful shots here are the top 10 ideal destinations to make your best photos.

The top 3, perfect for selfies

Selfie is a technique to immortalize your most memorable moments. This technique, very fashionable, can be done with a Smartphone. The principle: take a picture of yourself at arm's length or using a stick. The photos are usually shared on social networks. For your photo to be viewed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, discover the top 03 most beautiful places to take a selfie!

1- Scotland, for its unspoiled landscapes: With its bright light, Scotland is the number 1 destination to be privileged to photograph raw and soft landscapes at once. With no mass tourism, you will discover the magic of this country, which is not far, passing from green hills to beautiful wild beaches.

2- USA, to photograph a road trip: Take Route 66 and get lost between canyons and vast green plains, the United States is a gold mine to inspire the eye of a photographer. It is a great destination to develop your creativity.

3- Canada, the best of nature: This great country is a treat for nature lovers: many national parks, turquoise lakes, incredible colors in the fall ... If you like to photograph a rich vegetation and wildlife, you will never get tired of Canada.

Other destinations not to be missed

To make our list longer, here are the other destinations not to be missed for guaranteed unique photos.

4- India, to make portraits: The best place in the world to capture sincere smiles, deep looks, vibrant colors or the energy of a place.

5- South Africa, for a variety of landscapes: For those who prefer city as much as nature, South Africa is the country to go to! Perfect for a mix of topics, from the busy streets of Johannesburg to the savannah wild animals.

6- Lake District in England, to see life in green: Much more accessible than Canada, this region of England will fulfill your desires for the wilderness.

7- The Galapagos Islands, for wildlife: 48, is the number of islands that make up the Galapagos, and each one contains a preserved fauna unique in the world. Like the giant tortoises of the Galapagos who can live up to 200 years!

8- Australia, the top to photograph the desert: There is something unique in the Australian bush, the warm tones of this desert will delight lovers of colors.

9- Croatia, for its charming alleys: One could believe oneself in Italy, in Greece or in Turkey. The Mediterranean influence is present everywhere in Croatia. Architecture lovers will find happiness in the streets of many Croatian towns and villages.

10- Italy, for historic sites: Italy is rich in history, it is easy to soak up an ancient atmosphere and revive the remains of the past with the many museums, famous squares, sculptures, monuments.

A trip for amateurs and professionals

Whether you are a professional photographer or photo lover, the 10 destinations we have just presented will be perfect for your travels. And to book your next photographic trip, visit eDreams. The site is full of promotional offers for your flights, hotels and tourist activities. Moreover, browsing the eDreams site is particularly easy and eDreams has its own affiliation program if you want to earn money with you photography website:

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